• januari 11, 2020

von Limburg

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  • december 11, 2019

Nobel Night Cap 2019

I was approached by the organisers of the Nobel banquet after party to make some heraldic artwork. In the end I provided two such pieces, both measuring 150 x 120 cm (5 x 4 ft). The design is based on…
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  • oktober 28, 2019

The yin yang experiment

These arms stand out among all others due to the colour composition. Red and gold on top and to the right, black and silver at the bottom and to the left. I felt I just had to give it a…
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  • september 15, 2019

Göran Cannberg

A marine engineer, enthusiastic inventor, knight of the Polar Star — and one hell of a backgammon player — these arms are a personality and a summary of a life in one.
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  • september 4, 2019

Brady Brim-DeForest

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  • juli 8, 2019

Dr John F Mueller

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  • juni 8, 2019


Stefan Månefalk (2019) An example of my get-what-you-get work where the client offers complete artistic freedom. These paintings tend to become a bit more modern in their style, but in return much more striking to the trained heraldic eye.
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