Björn Fridén

Heraldic painter, calligrapher, and digital artist

What I offer


A variety of sizes and styles makes sure that heraldic art becomes the natural centerpiece of your home.

Digital work

Perfect for letterheads, business cards, or why not your own flag?

The perfect gift

Give someone that unique gift for their wedding, graduation, or bar mitzvah.

Your own arms

Let's design your arms! I make sure yours are unique, and in line with the 1000-year traditions of heraldry.

Ex Libris

The surefire way to make sure your friends return your favourite books.

Custom work

Heraldry is endlessly versatile — get in touch and we'll discuss your ideas.

Place a commission

Get in touch to find out more about prices and availability

    About the artist

    As one of Sweden’s leading heraldic artists, Björn Fridén has been creating heraldic artwork for over a decade, with a portfolio filled with a wide variety of different hand made paintings and digital renditions. The creations include bookplates, pennons, vector graphics, copper sheets, and even art deco — as well as hundreds of new arms designed from scratch.

    Always striving to make heraldry more accessible to a wider audience.


    Creating your ARMS

    It is not just for royals and the aristocracy. There has been a surge of new arms in recent years, with an ever growing popularity.

    A well designed coat of arms tailored to you will become an heirloom and symbol for you and your family for generations to come.

    We collaborate to create a design that is both personal and unique — without abandoning heraldry’s 1000-year traditions.

    Hand made paintings

    Combinations of heraldic elements, calligraphy, and colourful designs using a variety of materials, makes for truly unique artwork. Personally tailored in size and composition to become that perfect centerpiece in your home. 

    Digital artwork

    Put your coat of arms to work on letterheads, invitations, and stationary with digital artwork using vector graphics for that consistent crisp look.


    Black and white linework, or full colour, a Fridén Ex Libris is sure to guarantee that everyone will remember to return your book.

    Certificates & diplomas

    Coats of arms combined with calligraphy creates a document that is as much a piece of art as it conveys a message. The perfect way to commemorate this special events in life.


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