• juli 8, 2019

Dr John F Mueller

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  • juni 11, 2019

Baron Hamilton of Hageby

The Swedish Hamiltons use the same elements as their distans relatives in Scotland. The crescent, since Swedish heraldry does not use marks of cadency, has over time been converted into a regular charge and remained with the arms for nearly…
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  • juni 8, 2019


Stefan Månefalk (2019) An example of my get-what-you-get work where the client offers complete artistic freedom. These paintings tend to become a bit more modern in their style, but in return much more striking to the trained heraldic eye.
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  • maj 10, 2019

Sami Nahas

Due to it’s symmetry, these are the kinds of arms that will always be depicted forward-facing. So I just had to paint the achievement from the side. It was a hectic piece since less than 48 hours passed between commissioning…
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  • april 10, 2019

Kevin Haelterman

A fun piece to work with. After Mr Halterman got his arms granted he placed orders with a number of heraldic artists simultaneously and giving us free reign to design as we saw fit. It made for a lovely collection,…
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  • november 10, 2017

Karin Cannberg

A now retired teacher who, due to a mix-up, received two watches from the city for her many years of service in the education system, rather than one. The motto translates to one page ahead (of the students).
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  • juni 10, 2016

von Schantz

The Finnish branch of the noble house of von Schantz. Fun fact: the only noble blazon in Scandinavian heraldry that has a question mark in it.
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