Original design

  • oktober 19, 2021


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  • maj 16, 2020

The one with a salamander

The linden leaves are a pun on the owner’s last name, and they are black in reference to him being a poker player. The salamander, thought in mythology to be impervious to fire, is used here as a symbol for…
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  • december 11, 2019

Nobel Night Cap 2019

I was approached by the organisers of the Nobel banquet after party to make some heraldic artwork. In the end I provided two such pieces, both measuring 150 x 120 cm (5 x 4 ft). The design is based on…
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  • september 15, 2019

Göran Cannberg

A marine engineer, enthusiastic inventor, knight of the Polar Star — and one hell of a backgammon player — these arms are a personality and a summary of a life in one.
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